Extreme Surfboarding? Nawwww, Extreme Kayaking!

Guaranteed you've never seen anything as coooooooooooool and crazy as Nouria gettin' her kayakin' ON! Didn't realize one could even maneuver a kayak this way, huh? After watching the video, in case you catch an itch and wanna scratch it, you can research and find the best inflatable kayaks. Just in case that video wasn't enough, here, check this one out...
Yep... toodles!

Get Ready For Some Jaw Droppin' Surfin' Footage :D

What better way to welcome you to our website than starting you off right?  And by starting you off right, we mean share with you some death defying, extreme surfboarding videos that had our collective spines tingling!  Grab a beer (or coffee or water or that Red Bull), blast your speakers, and hit play :P

#1. Surfers Riding The Waves In Nazare, Portugal!

Feel queasy yet? No? Okay, on to the next then, ha!

#2. Surfers Riding Waves Of Pe Ľahi, Hawaii!

That made it sound tropical and sweet, but one of Pe'ahi's surf breaks is now infamously known as Jaws. Shudder.

#3. Dylan Longbottom Riding A 12 foot Monster Barrel

Here, Dylan Longbottom, riding a 12 foot monstrosity of a wave, in slow motion. How cool?!