Greatful For Younger Siblings

Last Sunday, I decided to take the day off and go enjoy a couple of beaches.  Mission Bay is one of my favorite spots and there was no way I wasn't going to take a nice, long walk while watching families picnic along the Bay.  A part of me was sad because my family life sort of... sucks.  I have parents who are always fighting and two siblings that live across the city.  I have my younger sister and brother, who I try to spend time with at least once a week.  It is nice to have siblings who look up to you, though I feel a lot of pressure sometimes.  In my opinion, by the way, Mission Bay is one of the most beautiful spots in SD:

I had my paddleboard with me so I dipped into the water a bit and did some paddleboarding.  About thirty minutes into it, I felt restless.  I hadn't brought my dog along and my head was all over the place, a bit sad, as I mentioned earlier.

Next, I texted my siblings and asked them if they wanted to go kayaking.  I picked them up, looked up kayak rentals San Diego, and next thing I know, we're out and about, splashing around in the water, and reminiscing.  It was downright therpeutic to have those two around!  We rented a tandem and a single kayak for a couple of hours and I was more than happy to pay for the good time. 

They enjoyed it so much so that when I told them I was thinking of buying my own canoe, they got excited and they wanted to know what I had in mind: a single or a tandem.  They got more excited when I told them about the cool foldable kayaks.  They are working on convincing me to buy a two person kayak so that way, they can borrow it when they need.  They were being too cute, so if I do some overtime or maybe by Christmas, I will get them one as a surprise.

That's what an older brother does, right?  I wish that's what my dad had done with me, with any of us.  Thank God I channelled everything I had into surfing, or perhaps I wouldn't be where I am today.  Because I understand this loneliness, the hole in my heart, I am trying to make it up to people who I can with, in my life.  I guess last Sunday I realized how much my teen siblings really need me. It is time to make bigger goals and a bucket list and show them, as corny as it sounds, that anything... ANYTHING is possible.

Thank you, Universe!