Compact Kayak To Combine With Surfing

This origami kayak can be used to take on very small waves, but it's still fun nontheless. You can carry it down to the water on your back AND take your surfboard so you can do both, if you want to. You should read an Oru Kayak review before you get one so you can see what it's all about first.


Greatful For Younger Siblings

Last Sunday, I decided to take the day off and go enjoy a couple of beaches.  Mission Bay is one of my favorite spots and there was no way I wasn't going to take a nice, long walk while watching families picnic along the Bay.  A part of me was sad because my family life sort of... sucks.  I have parents who are always fighting and two siblings that live across the city.  I have my younger sister and brother, who I try to spend time with at least once a week.  It is nice to have siblings who look up to you, though I feel a lot of pressure sometimes.  In my opinion, by the way, Mission Bay is one of the most beautiful spots in SD:

I had my paddleboard with me so I dipped into the water a bit and did some paddleboarding.  About thirty minutes into it, I felt restless.  I hadn't brought my dog along and my head was all over the place, a bit sad, as I mentioned earlier.

Next, I texted my siblings and asked them if they wanted to go kayaking.  I picked them up, looked up kayak rentals San Diego, and next thing I know, we're out and about, splashing around in the water, and reminiscing.  It was downright therpeutic to have those two around!  We rented a tandem and a single kayak for a couple of hours and I was more than happy to pay for the good time. 

They enjoyed it so much so that when I told them I was thinking of buying my own canoe, they got excited and they wanted to know what I had in mind: a single or a tandem.  They got more excited when I told them about the cool foldable kayaks.  They are working on convincing me to buy a two person kayak so that way, they can borrow it when they need.  They were being too cute, so if I do some overtime or maybe by Christmas, I will get them one as a surprise.

That's what an older brother does, right?  I wish that's what my dad had done with me, with any of us.  Thank God I channelled everything I had into surfing, or perhaps I wouldn't be where I am today.  Because I understand this loneliness, the hole in my heart, I am trying to make it up to people who I can with, in my life.  I guess last Sunday I realized how much my teen siblings really need me. It is time to make bigger goals and a bucket list and show them, as corny as it sounds, that anything... ANYTHING is possible.

Thank you, Universe!

Every Surfer Has A Root To His Or Her Addiction

There are two feelings in life that still can't be beat for me: 1) Drinking coffee 2) Grabbing my surfboard and riding the first wave of the day, good or bad. These things aren't just ordinary feelings for me but become a necessity when things go haywire or downright bad in my life.

I would go as far as to claim that surfing saved my life.  In my youth, when my dad passed away and I had no guidance, luckily, I turned to the ocean.  I always loved to swim but never thought about surfing.  Not up until a friend from school came up to me and invited me.  He gave me my first surf lesson which didn't go all too well, but I will never forget the feeling of the rush:

Happy to say I chase that rush a couple of times a week at the crack of dawn.  It helps me to feel one with nature.  In fact, I am thinking of checking out this website last week.  I have been working overtime, trying to save up for this pretty awesome Origami type of canoe/kayak called the Oru bay kayak.  It shouldn't come as a surprise that not only do I surf, but I enjoying canoeing and kayaking.

I didn't realize that the Oru Bay was featured on the Shark Tank!  I love watching an episode of Shark Tank while I wash the coffee pot in the morning.  Talk about another show that keeps me inspired.  Anyway, speaking of inspiration, I want to share some amazing, awe inspiring things on here.  What else can I share?  How can I create a community here?  I was told by friends who have websites (I know a couple :) ) that being involved in forums and sharing some really good videos, discussions/posts would be great, but the first year is the hardest.

I am finding the first six months to be the hardest, as I hold a full-time job and it has been hard posting on here.  Lastly, did anyone read about the crazy story of 400 whales stranded on shore and dying?  How sad is that?  It happened in New Zealand.  They are reporting that at least 300 have been reported as dead.  If you want to read more about it, click on this link for the whale story.

In other news, people are crazy and I'm more than ever motivated to share some really cool techniques on here as well as helpful information like the best surf gear, soon!

LoL... Street Surfing in Delaware?

Man, my goal was to publish awesome surfing type videos 2-3x a day, but in between work and surfing myself, this is a lot harder than I thought.  So, while I was searching for some cool surfing videos, came across this and chuckled.  Look out, flooding season!

Surfing The Big Boys

I live near a beach and can see the shore from the balcony of my house. Surfing is my sport and I occasionally take my board and head for the water. The sea here is particularly unsettled with huge waves being the norm. I get thrilled riding these colossal waves. Yes, I know it's dangerous, but I cant help it because I love surfing too much. One day I nearly drowned when an immense breaking wave hit me hard. Saying the impact shook the hell out of me would be an understatement. I have never felt so terrified in my life. Fortunately, I was able to regain my balance and rise to the top just in time.

The other day my friend called, asking that we go surfing. Now that's a suggestion I find hard to turn down. So I told him to give me an hour to get ready. I had to mow my lawn before I could do anything else that day. So I hastily grabbed the lawn mower and started the engine. The mower is so easy to use and I think I got the best in the market. Its movement is so fluid and it cuts pretty close to where I want it. I have never had any breakdown issues since I bought it after reading a review at, which is now almost three years.

Anyway, within about 15 minutes I was done. I returned my Black & Decker electric lawnmower  where I usually keep it. I was not as tired as I thought I would be, which is good because who wants to go surfing when they're already tired? At the beach, my friend had already arrived. He asked me why I seemed overly jubilant and I tell him to stop acting funny, because I am always happy to surf. He was already in his wetsuit and was holding his board to his side. We didn't waste time and were off to hit the water.

It looked like we were in for a rough time because the waves looked so dangerous and full of fury. We were determined  to go on because surfing is what we have come for. We splashed around in the water before deciding to drift off. With surfing, you need to relax your mind so you are prepared to take on the feeling of being terrified when conditions turn against you. Finally we were off riding the waves. There weren't many surfers that day and it was like we had the whole ocean to ourselves. We really enjoy the sport.

After what seemed like hours, I was getting tired and was thankful to see my friend headed for the shore. I joined him and we sat on the sandy beach watching the other surfers enjoy themselves. It was almost twilight when we made the effort to go back to our houses. Of course we will come back some other warm afternoon.

Horrible Wipe Outs

We've all seen great surfers do some pretty amazing wave riding, and on some pretty gigantic waves! Amateurs AND pros will all have their wipe outs, some more vicious than others depending on the conditions and size of the waves. This video shows just some of the many horrendous wipe outs surfers are put through, and sadly some don't even survive.

Stance ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship Results & Rankings 2016

This Surfline article reports that Brazil has come in as the #1 Stance ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship.

Here are some interesting tidbits from the article linked to above: "While Brazil dominated, the event’s hosts, Team USA, earned the Silver Medal. And Chile and Australia earned the Bronze and Copper Medals, respectively. Three of the four Gold Medalists from 2015’s inaugural edition successfully defended their titles: Brazil’s Fellipe Lima (AS-3, Upright), Denmark’s Bruno Hansen (AS-4, Prone) and Australia’s Mark “Mono” Stewart (AS-2, Stand/Kneel), while Spain’s Aitor Francesena (AS-VI, Visually Impaired), Brazil’s Davi Teixeira (AS-5, Assist) and South Africa’s Antony Smyth (AS-1, Stand/Kneel) won their first Gold Medals with inspirational performances."

Team Rankings

1. Brazil, Gold Medal (5598)
2. USA, Silver Medal (5109)
3. Chile, Bronze Medal (3912)
4. Australia, Copper Medal (3783)
5. Hawaii (3755)
6. South Africa (3618)
7. France (3128)
8. Costa Rica (2595)
9. Great Britain (2295)
10. Spain (1730)
11. Canada (1726)
12. Italy (1335)
13. Japan (1225)
14. Peru (1170)
15. Denmark (1000)
16. Wales (610)
16. Colombia (610)
18. Argentina (583)
19. Norway (500)
20. Mexico (450)
20. Netherlands (450)
22. Czech Republic (390)

For more details, check out the original article here.

How to Duck Dive?

If you're a beginner, this is an essential skill that you need to master.  Once you know how to duck dive properly, everything else will seem much less complicated :P